A New Year and A New Adventure!

After months of debating wishing and planning I finally decided that as my big gift for the holiday season 2013 I would wait until I got my income tax refund and let my hubby gift me with another big girl tool…


The Silhouette Cameo!!



I have only had it since Tuesday and so I am still in the midst of the learning curve with both the machine (electronic cutters are new territory for me) and the software.  I must say though I am totally loving the cuts I have gotten so far!  I had spent the last couple of months gathering free files plus have been experimenting with designing my own files using my own artwork.  I have yet to try to cut these out but will share my results once I do so.  There is so much to do with this wonderful machine and I am looking forward to creating more spiritual inspired art with the aid of the cameo.

That is what is tickling my fancies these days.. how about you?