12 Crafty Challenges part 2

Whew!  What a busy November and now December!  Here is the next five challenges in the 12 craft challenges hosted by the group Scrapbook Friends & More Crafts found on facebook.

Challenge 6:  Realistic painting of an animal.  I chose to do a White Raven.Image


Challenge 7:  Glass painting in a holiday theme.  I chose to paint a frosted jar which I will use as a candle holder.



Challenge 8: Organic Wreath:  I used a woven reed base with ornamental grasses that were fluffy and looked like a foxes tail then added feathers from various birds like Raven, Swan, Duck, turkey vulture, pheasant and blue jay.


Challenge 9 Cardmaking  Make 3 fancy cards.  I had to be holiday themed, 1 a thinking of you card and the other one was birthday themed. 

For the holiday themed card I constructed a Tri-fold shutter card.


For the Birthday Card I did a pop out card



For the Thinking of You card I did an Accordion Fold Tag Card which I had the tag looking like a suitcase.





I am so proud of myself for making it this far! We only have 3 more challenges and from nearly a 180 crafters only 35 are left!  I must say that I will definitely have to participate in another 12 challenges if they ever have another one as it really pushed me to think outside my box!  I so far have only spent five dollars in total over these challenges so far.  Most everything has been from my stash!  Just goes to show how much I love arts and crafts! 

As usual thank for looking and any comments and suggestions are welcome!


Kathleen ❤


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