12 Crafty Challenges Part 1

At the beginning of this month I started a major undertaking .. A challenge or rather 12 craft challenges hosted by the Group:  Scrapbook Friends and More Crafts on Facebook.  We are now almost half way through here is my results for the first five challenges.

Challenge #1 Paper Crafting

Had to use yellow orange and brown in your craft and it could not be scrapbooking or a card.  I chose to do paper shaping and made a paper mask.  I hand drew and cut out the leaves in yellow orange and brown cardstock,  Then I sprayed them with various glimmer sprays to give it the shine and then bent them while still damp to look like curling leaves ..It also gave them a cool leathery look as well.


Challenge #2  Repurposing of a household item.

Had to reuse or recycle a household item and the theme had to be the holidays. The ribbon used in the project had to be clearly a holiday themed ribbon with either words or a symbol portraying the holiday. I chose to repurpose a paper mache box into an ornament.  I used recycled parts of old holiday decorations centered around a glittery cardinal.




Challenge #3  Mosaics

Mosaics any theme must have the colour blue in the project.

mosaic challenge


Challenge # 4 Clay

Has to be a minimum of 3 inches, botanical or food themed and realistic in nature.  I chose to do an apple slice made of children’s modeling clay.  Will definitely have to remake this using a permanent clay!  This was so fun and quick to make ..  I painted the white clay with acrylics that were slightly on the thick side.


Challenge #5 Threads

Projects needed Red Green and Gold thread, yarn, crochet cotton etc  and be made by any method.  I chose to do a braided lucet bracelet with charms.  I love the lucet!  Its a Viking age craft that I picked up in my SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) days.  I made each cord separately and added the charms right into the green cord as I was making it.  I had a blast expanding my knowledge with this tool!



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