Season 3 Days 26 to 29

Hey There Friends!

I am pretty glad that although I am not posting every single day I am posting regularly during this season of the 100 Day Challenge (for more information on what the challenge is all about check out their site:

Last weekend I accomplished a lot of progress on many different projects but only completed one of which I find it very satisfying.

I finished yet another challenge project for one of the many art groups I belong to on facebook.  It was a halloween themed altered spool.




During this time I also am proud of myself for actually standing up for myself with my immediate supervisor at work.  She had scheduled me off on a day that she had an appointment and I said no!  Wow I had never really done that in the past and an affirmation came my way the very same day that has helped me tremendously get me out of fear and worry  that came about after it.  I just kept repeating it over and over and over again for about 10 to 15 mins as I went about my day.. Repeated it until all negative thoughts were drummed out of my mind.  Not only was I more calm and positive but I saw results practically immediately when it came to co-creating my life!  here is the affirmation .. try it for yourself and get back to me on your results!

**Everything Always Works Out For Me**


As the summer wanes I can feel the shift coming in the air.  Another Cycle of Healing is about to begin and after last nights reading I have noticed I am getting the same message over and over again from different sources that I am making progress in my quest of self acceptance and my acceptance of every facet of who I am mentally, spiritually and in particular physically (which includes accepting my body just as it is ).

There is work ahead for me yes..  I am really starting to take my new found mantra to heart : Everything always works out for me.   With enough repetition that will be the predominate thought and come automatically to mind.


I came across a test last night ..  While I have been loving the challenges I now have come across one that my heart is not in and the lady that has issued it wants me to do it.  I last night was still trying to make that project happen until I put down my pencil and truly asked myself if I was excited ..  The answer came swiftly and rather strongly .. NO.  So I have decided to not do that challenge after all..  I will not produce work where all of my heart and soul are not involved.  By making this decision I feel both relief and I see where I still have work to do on my spiritual art journey.

I am excited to see where my journey will lead me next!

Thanks for reading!

Into the Gloaming




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