Season 3 Days 16 to 19

Wow what a weekend!  Had a blast on Saturday with my hubby as we went to London Ontario to hit the art stores and we were pleasantly surprised by finding the whole village of Thorndale, Ontario was having one massive garage sale.  So many that we did not get to visit them all as we were on a schedule for my hubby to get to the scrap yard in time.  So we decided to hit them on the way back.

The scrap run was great for my hubby he made more than what he was expecting and the art stores were ok but I did not find what I was specifically looking for I did come away with some amazing deals.  I am sure that I will find a momento tuxedo black re-inker when the time and price is right.  So its all good!

On the way back through Thorndale indeed most of the sales were over and the few left were packing up.  We did come away with some fun free stuff like candle holders older tvs and stuff I can alter but what got me really excited was finding a place that had wonderful boxes and jewelery pieces that were just a quarter a piece including the dvds so I got two great movies to boot!  I am one lucky girl and happy camper.

Sunday was much quieter but oh so productive.  I have started to work on my box for a box exchange group on facebook that I belong to.  This month’s theme is Your Shabby Story and the box was to be a book book box.  I have pieces of leather in my supply stash and immediately saw the book as being leather bound with the title what’s your story morning glory and proceeded to cover a book box with it.  We once I am done covering it and making the ends of the pages silver lined.. like in the older books I began to notice that the book did not feel like a shabby book at all but one that wanted to be darker more halloweenish so I set it aside and found lighter cream leather scraps from my stash and covered another box that feels better and I have more embellishments to go with the theme and my secret sister’s colour scheme of purple and teal

here is pics of the two boxes

First the original black leather covered book box that did not want to be shabby chic

Shadow Book Box

Now the box that cam along afterwards that is definitely working out much much better.

Whats your story morning glory?

Whats your story morning glory?

shadow and Shabby book boxes side by sideand finally both of them side by side..  so what do you all think?

Thanks for reading as always!

Into the Gloaming



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