Season 3 Days 10 to 15

Man o Man am I ever co-creating with the universe lately!!

I in the last six days have manifested lots of art tools and supplies at garage sales, a street festival and in thrift stores.

Last Saturday we went back to my hometown of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and attended the Street Festival which used to be called a sidewalk sale when I was young.  Anyways we stepped into this thrift store on the main drag and I ended up getting a never used stampin up stamp cleaner and a full set of cute saying stamps for 4 dollars!!  The regular price for the stamp cleaner unit is nearly 30 dollars alone!  Let alone the stamp set which would probably go for the 4 dollars if not more alone.  I am so lucky and grateful for all the art finds this season..

and today being day 15 I casually walked into the local thrift store here in Stratford and lo and behold not only did I pick up a book on scrapbooking techniques worth thirty bucks brand new and some magazines but also a brand new never used holiday stamping kit and plastic doll molds!!  Those doll molds were a dollar and they were never used at all to boot!!

I have also finished another challenge.. Card in Motion .. my entry was a never ending card.  here I will post the

Front face of the card

This journey just keeps getting more and more exciting and I can not wait to see what manifests next!

Thanks for reading



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