Season 3 Days 5 to 9

This has been a long work week for which I am very grateful for as it allows me to keep a roof over my head, food on my table and art supplies in my hot little hands.

I belong to several art groups on Facebook and in one of them we have several monthly challenges that until now I have not participated in.

As my theme for this season is to develop my artistic style I have chosen to participate this month’s challenges.  Not only does this get me arting but it also gives me inspiration and the resulting projects have literally assembled themselves ,.. my hands were only the tools to make themselves manifest.  Here are the two projects I have finished yesterday and today.

Yesterday’s Finish my Tag Challenge entry:


and Today’s Altered Dress Form Challenge using Recycled Materials Entry



2 thoughts on “Season 3 Days 5 to 9

  1. craftymadre says:

    I love your artistic style and these are great representations. The dress form had ribbons that I would die for (purple’s my favorite color) and the broach necklace is the perfect finishing touch. I can just see that dress on a woman in a honky-tonk bar. And I love the vintage look in your tag.

    • Thanks Craftymadre! The tag was part of a challenge where to hostess sent out a background made using distress inks and the wrinkle free technique and also sent the graphic of the lady. We were to finish it our own way.. I used embossing folder and pigment inks with sparkly gel pen to accent the birds. The dress form got me using ribbons I had in my stash for a while .. I always keep my eyes open at thrift shops and garage sales for them.. usually I like the things that most people overlook.

      Thanks for your kind input!

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