New Home For Morgan’s Fancies



Hi There Reader!

Welcome to the new home of Morgan’s Fancies!  I thank you for reading.  This blog is already up and infrequently updated on  I am finding that I like the format for posting ect a bit better here at wordpress so I am moving my blog to this address.

What is my blog all about you may ask?  Well primarily Morgan’s Fancies has been pretty much strictly arts and crafts related but I am finding as my journey in life continues that I needed to acknowledge all the facets that is Kathleen.  Including online personas of Morganlefaegaia (pagan spiritual name), Morgan (art community name) and Mora (My MMORPG community name).

So here you will find future posts about art about history poetry paganism, role playing games and truly whatever else strikes my fancy.

Currently I am right in the midst of a 100 day challenge hosted by the folks at  So I will post sporatic updates on how my challenge is going .. pst.. I have having a kick ass time that is for sure with this time around the challenge.

So if you are brave enough to kick around inside my head I applaud you and welcome you to follow my blog!


Into the Gloaming



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