Bring on Season 3 of the 100 Day Challenge!!

I am back for season 3!  I really love this challenge as when I look back I have realized that it has worked even if I am not actively pursuing it on a daily basis.

This time around I have picked today August 1st as my beginning point for season 3.  I have been preparing for this day for about two weeks or so now and I have found that manifestations have already started to appear for which I am extremely joyous and grateful for.

This season my goal all revolve around my life as an artist..  to increase my output to be more connected to the art I do produce and just to relax and let inspiration flow to and through me.

What manifestations of this have I seen since I set the intention about two weeks ago? 

Inspiration in the form of past issues of Cloth Paper Scissors and many used art technique books that I have stumbled upon at garage sales and thrift stores for phenomenally low prices

Art supplies either given to me or bought for low prices

At least a half a dozen different weaving looms have come to me in one way or another!!

I am so lucky and grateful and excited to see where my art journey takes me next!

Bring on Season 3!!

Thanks for reading



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