Season 3 Days 26 to 29

Hey There Friends!

I am pretty glad that although I am not posting every single day I am posting regularly during this season of the 100 Day Challenge (for more information on what the challenge is all about check out their site:

Last weekend I accomplished a lot of progress on many different projects but only completed one of which I find it very satisfying.

I finished yet another challenge project for one of the many art groups I belong to on facebook.  It was a halloween themed altered spool.




During this time I also am proud of myself for actually standing up for myself with my immediate supervisor at work.  She had scheduled me off on a day that she had an appointment and I said no!  Wow I had never really done that in the past and an affirmation came my way the very same day that has helped me tremendously get me out of fear and worry  that came about after it.  I just kept repeating it over and over and over again for about 10 to 15 mins as I went about my day.. Repeated it until all negative thoughts were drummed out of my mind.  Not only was I more calm and positive but I saw results practically immediately when it came to co-creating my life!  here is the affirmation .. try it for yourself and get back to me on your results!

**Everything Always Works Out For Me**


As the summer wanes I can feel the shift coming in the air.  Another Cycle of Healing is about to begin and after last nights reading I have noticed I am getting the same message over and over again from different sources that I am making progress in my quest of self acceptance and my acceptance of every facet of who I am mentally, spiritually and in particular physically (which includes accepting my body just as it is ).

There is work ahead for me yes..  I am really starting to take my new found mantra to heart : Everything always works out for me.   With enough repetition that will be the predominate thought and come automatically to mind.


I came across a test last night ..  While I have been loving the challenges I now have come across one that my heart is not in and the lady that has issued it wants me to do it.  I last night was still trying to make that project happen until I put down my pencil and truly asked myself if I was excited ..  The answer came swiftly and rather strongly .. NO.  So I have decided to not do that challenge after all..  I will not produce work where all of my heart and soul are not involved.  By making this decision I feel both relief and I see where I still have work to do on my spiritual art journey.

I am excited to see where my journey will lead me next!

Thanks for reading!

Into the Gloaming




Season 3 Day 25

Wow the days are rapidly going by!


I have been a busy girl lately working on lots of challenges and have jumped in on the box exchange this month for the Freespirit Secre Sister Box Swap Group that is on facebook.

Here is a sneak peak of the box ..  This month’s theme was My Shabby Story and it is an altered book box with a side challenge of an altered library drawer.

ImagePlus on facebook there is a really cool company out of Australia that produces the most gorgeous looking dies and they are having a give away!

Click on the link below to find out more!


Thanks for reading and happy arting!



Season 3 Days 16 to 19

Wow what a weekend!  Had a blast on Saturday with my hubby as we went to London Ontario to hit the art stores and we were pleasantly surprised by finding the whole village of Thorndale, Ontario was having one massive garage sale.  So many that we did not get to visit them all as we were on a schedule for my hubby to get to the scrap yard in time.  So we decided to hit them on the way back.

The scrap run was great for my hubby he made more than what he was expecting and the art stores were ok but I did not find what I was specifically looking for I did come away with some amazing deals.  I am sure that I will find a momento tuxedo black re-inker when the time and price is right.  So its all good!

On the way back through Thorndale indeed most of the sales were over and the few left were packing up.  We did come away with some fun free stuff like candle holders older tvs and stuff I can alter but what got me really excited was finding a place that had wonderful boxes and jewelery pieces that were just a quarter a piece including the dvds so I got two great movies to boot!  I am one lucky girl and happy camper.

Sunday was much quieter but oh so productive.  I have started to work on my box for a box exchange group on facebook that I belong to.  This month’s theme is Your Shabby Story and the box was to be a book book box.  I have pieces of leather in my supply stash and immediately saw the book as being leather bound with the title what’s your story morning glory and proceeded to cover a book box with it.  We once I am done covering it and making the ends of the pages silver lined.. like in the older books I began to notice that the book did not feel like a shabby book at all but one that wanted to be darker more halloweenish so I set it aside and found lighter cream leather scraps from my stash and covered another box that feels better and I have more embellishments to go with the theme and my secret sister’s colour scheme of purple and teal

here is pics of the two boxes

First the original black leather covered book box that did not want to be shabby chic

Shadow Book Box

Now the box that cam along afterwards that is definitely working out much much better.

Whats your story morning glory?

Whats your story morning glory?

shadow and Shabby book boxes side by sideand finally both of them side by side..  so what do you all think?

Thanks for reading as always!

Into the Gloaming


Season 3 Days 10 to 15

Man o Man am I ever co-creating with the universe lately!!

I in the last six days have manifested lots of art tools and supplies at garage sales, a street festival and in thrift stores.

Last Saturday we went back to my hometown of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and attended the Street Festival which used to be called a sidewalk sale when I was young.  Anyways we stepped into this thrift store on the main drag and I ended up getting a never used stampin up stamp cleaner and a full set of cute saying stamps for 4 dollars!!  The regular price for the stamp cleaner unit is nearly 30 dollars alone!  Let alone the stamp set which would probably go for the 4 dollars if not more alone.  I am so lucky and grateful for all the art finds this season..

and today being day 15 I casually walked into the local thrift store here in Stratford and lo and behold not only did I pick up a book on scrapbooking techniques worth thirty bucks brand new and some magazines but also a brand new never used holiday stamping kit and plastic doll molds!!  Those doll molds were a dollar and they were never used at all to boot!!

I have also finished another challenge.. Card in Motion .. my entry was a never ending card.  here I will post the

Front face of the card

This journey just keeps getting more and more exciting and I can not wait to see what manifests next!

Thanks for reading


Forgotten Poetry


I do not know about you all but I certainly love when I find a piece of poetry that I had hidden away in some book that I had forgotten I wrote.

Here is a piece I wrote a year ago..  Enjoy!



Take a deep breath
And do what you long to do
Stand up this night
For what is right for you

Move into your sovereignty
Become who you were meant to be
Take back your dignity
Refuse to let others control you
Do what is right for you

Care not what people think
Their actions have brought you to the brink
To act and to break away
To do what is right for you
No matter what is in store for you.


Wow as I wrote this out I am struck on how appropriate this is for my own journey this cycle.  More so now than when I wrote it.  Maybe I was meant to put it away in order for me to be ready to hear its message…  interesting. And if you are confuse as to what or who Blodeuwedd is she is a character in Welsh Mythology.

As always thanks for reading!

Into the gloaming


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This spring has had its ups and downs for me but I must say that I am very thankful for the downs as in retrospect it is those times of trial that spur me on to growth, expansion and illuminating who I truly am. Several lessons have come to light in the past few weeks including the realization that even though you may think you are not feel the Cycle of Healing very much this time around issues are being worked out with or without your direct awareness. I am just now seeing that some of the issues I have been struggling with in past cycles have evolved this cycle.


 In late 2010 I had started with Seminary work full of enthusiasm and determination. I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to follow through with the first year at the very minimum. I loved working on the lessons but found as the months went on my enthusiasm waned as I felt that I was spread too thin and at about 3/4 of the way through I made the heart wrenching decision to drop out at least at that time. I was more than disappointed with myself as I had so wanted to finish for many reasons. Determination to see things through to the finish, not wanted to waste the tuition money I had paid etc etc.. But I was exhausted, burnt out and was not at all satisfied with the work I was submitting. Not my best effort or ability by far.


Though it was through my work with Seminary that my love for creating artwork was re-ignited. Soon I was researching not only Celtic art but new techniques and the use of colour in my work. This journey into art led me to a wonderful community of artists who encouraged me to start a weekly art stream on Ustream called Morgan’s Fancies, a Youtube channel and a blog. I am having a blast that is for sure and my bedroom loft is now partially an art studio!


I have found that some issues that I was dealing with in Seminary have been popping up for me within my art journey as well:


  • Constantly comparing my self and my work to others. 
  • Not believing that my own artwork is as good or as worthy as others in the community.
  •  Hesitating/Procrastinating the completion of projects even though I really want to.
  •  Avoiding working on what my heart truly wants to work on in order not to offend anyone or lose viewers. 

It took an incident within the art community (more about it here) to finally put my foot down and stand up for myself. Something I had not done very often in this lifetime and over the last few cycles I have become more and more aware of this. All this finally drove home to me how one cycle builds upon another. It also gives me pause to look back and see just how far I have come and be amazed at just exactly who I am.


 It is just now dawning on me that I am just as I am meant to be.. Unfolding all that I am instead of endlessly struggling to change my basic nature. There is no need for me to be better. Period. I am worthy just as I am and as time goes by more of who I am is already is revealed not just to myself but to the world at large. I attracting those lessons, people, places and things that will help me along my journey of revelation rather than surrounding myself with verbally, mentally and spiritually toxic people, places and things.


 Currently two books have had a huge impact this cycle and I am devouring every word. They both in their unique ways have hit me like no other books have in the past couple of years. Here they are:


 The Dance by Oriah and The Bodacious Book of Succulence by SARK


Both of these books have so much of an effect on me that I find myself constantly in tears reading them. YES THAT STRONG! The strong passionate feeling that you get in your heart and in your gut when you know intrinsically that something is the truth and is right for you.


So what has come of all this in this past cycle? A new passion for positivity in my life! Working on new art projects and books with a renewed sense of enthusiasm! Life is certainly more energetic and fun these days as opposed to feeling a bit detached from the Cycle of Healing and truthfully with life in general. I needed this as a wake up call as I truly feel like I was living life on auto pilot for a bit too long.


This has been a bit lengthy I know but I sincerely appreciate you for taking the time to read through to the end.


Much love

Into the Gloaming


To My Own Spirit Be True